Why Domain Leasing of Premium Domain Names is Becoming Popular

It’s not always possible to buy the premium domain name you want. That said, domain leasing of premium domain names has become very common for investors and business owners looking to take their business towards greater customer growth and revenue.

That is why a lot of companies, including ourselves, have actually adopted it as a business model to assist investors and business owners in securing premium domain names for their business.

With very few drawbacks, domain leasing of premium domain names is becoming popular based on the following top three domain leasing reasons:

  • Leasing is the safest and cost-effective method for getting one’s hands on a premium domain to prove a business model. The good news is that the business can always opt out of the lease it when the lease contract ends in case the business fails.
  • Leasing a premium domain name for a newly established business is less expensive than making the financial investment upfront for an unproven business. This allows for efficient and effective capital use in launching the business, or taking the business to the next level. This savings in capital allows for spending on other useful activities such as development, advertising, marketing, or search engine optimisation.
  • Blocking competition from securing a premium domain name, business owners are afforded the opportunity to outright purchase the leased domain at fair market value when funds are available to do so.

So if your in the market for a premium domain then visit our listings where you can choose to lease or buy.

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